Conceal and Carry

The Missouri Sheriff’s will begin issuing Conceal carry Permits beginning August 28, 2013.

Pursuant to SB 75 which was signed into law by Governor Nixon, responsibility for issuing Conceal Carry Permits as well as renewal of Conceal Carry Permits will transfer from the Department of Revenue to local Sheriff’s on August 28th. Person making application for a new conceal carry permit, or renewal of an existing conceal carry permit should submit the required fees and paperwork to the Sheriff of the county in which they reside.

Upon completion of the required background checks successful applicants will be issued a concealed carry permit by the Sheriff of the county.
Conceal Carry Permits issued August 28th and thereafter will be valid for 5 years at which time they will need to be renewed. Any conceal carry permit which have not been renewed after 6 months will be voided. Permits which were issued prior to August 28th 2013 will still be valid until their expiration date, at which time the holder will need to renew their conceal carry permit with the Sheriff of the county in which they reside.

Records regarding conceal carry permit holders are Closed Records, as such unauthorized released is a Class A misdemeanor.
Change of Name, change of Address as well as lost or stolen permits will need to be reported to the Sheriff. Upon notification the Sheriff will issue a new permit with updated information for a fee of $10.00. Original application fee for conceal carry permit cannot exceed $100.00, renewal fee cannot exceed $50.00.

Full body of text for SB75 can be found at

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School is Starting

This week several schools will start and you need to be watching for kids walking and for school buses. The following is a Missouri State Statute. Please use caution.

304.050. 1. The driver of a vehicle upon a highway upon meeting or overtaking from either direction any school bus which has stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging any school children and whose driver has in the manner prescribed by law given the signal to stop, shall stop the vehicle before reaching such school bus and shall not proceed until such school bus resumes motion, or until signaled by its driver to proceed

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A scare for some of us tonight. This afternoon-evening down pour sent raging water to Shull’s ski Lake north of Hartville and there was a concern that the dam may fail if water went over the top. Luckily the rain stopped and the water went down. Mr. Shull told me it had app two feet before it would have reached the top of the dam. He also said he had received 14 inches of rain since Friday. Residents were contacted downstream from the Lake. Hats off to the Wright Co Sheriff’s Office, MSHP, Hartville FD, MoDot and Wright Co commissioner Mike Sherman for scrambling to the scene to close roads and contact downstream residents.

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Gunshots Fired in Church

    On 07-21-2013 at app 1135 hrs a call was received from 911 that there was a male subject inside the 1st Baptist Church at Norwood with a gun. The caller said the subject had fired the weapon off inside the Church. The caller said some members of the church had tackled the subject and was holding him for law enforcement to arrive. Deputy Campbell overheard the call while off duty and responded and was on scene within minutes and took the suspect Earnest J Smith who is 48 years of age from Norwood into custody without incident.

    Investigation revealed that two rounds had been fired from the handgun Smith had. The first round Smith fired at the floor which continued on and hit the wall behind the pastor who was preaching his sermon at the time. The second round went off when Smith was tackled while the church members were trying to subdue the subject and was shot through the ceiling. There were 39 church members present in that part of the church when Smith came in. Evidence was collected by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office and Troopers from the Missouri State Highway Patrol including statements from witnesses. Smith was transported to the Wright County Jail pending charges. One slight injury occurred to one of the church members that tackled the suspect and was looked at by Mercy Ambulance crew on scene and was released from the scene. God was watching over that church and everyone is lucky to walk out ok. Our world has changed and we all need to stay vigilant to what is going on around us no matter where we are at.

Charges on Smith are as follows,

Assault in the 1st Degree a class B Felony

Discharge/Shoot Firearm from a Building/Habitable Structure a Class B Felony

Unlawful Use of a Weapon a class D Felony

Making a Terrorist Threat a class C Felony

Armed Criminal Action which is a Felony

Bond is set at $250,000 cash.

Sheriff Glenn B. Adler

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Arrest Made in Infant’s death

    On 06-28-2013 a Wright County Grand Jury indicted Kayla S Cork resulting in a warrant issued for the arrest of Kayla S Cork age 20 from Ava, Missouri formally from Norwood for the following offences.

Felony Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the first degree,
Felony Abuse of a Child- Resulting in Death
Felony Murder 2nd Degree
The Cork’s Bond is set at $500,000.00 cash only.

    These charges are from an ongoing investigation by the Wright County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control unit, Missouri State Technical Assistance Team, Wright County Juvenile Office, Missouri Children’s Division Services and Wright County Coroner.

    On August 3rd 2012 at app 6:30am First Responders, and Law Enforcement responded to a residence on Dryer road north of Norwood to a call of an app 7 month old baby not breathing. The baby was lifeless and efforts to revive the child failed.
An investigation was started on the cause of the baby’s death and it was found that the baby had been abused after an autopsy was performed in Springfield on the following Saturday. The Sheriff’s Office along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol questioned family members and witnesses.

    Results of the autopsy took a while for the doctor to complete his report. Also the Missouri State Technical Assistance Team was called into to help investigate this case. On 06-28-2013 information was obtained that Cork was living in Ava, Missouri. Sheriff Adler, Ava PD and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office checked several residences in and around Ava and were unable to located Cork. Information was received that Cork had left Ava and was at a residence in Seymour. Seymour Police Department located Cork at a residence and placed her under arrest.
These types of cases take time to investigate to make sure a good case is put together so the Prosecutor can prosecute the case with the best facts of the case he can.

    Cork was transported to the Wright County Jail and booked in.

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Road Closed

April 27th from approximately 11 am to noon Hwy 5 and Hwy 38 will be closed to traffic two blocks from each direction of the intersection of 5 & 38. Detours for passing through traffic for cars and pickups well be set up. Tractor Trailers will need to wait in line. There will be a Civil War Reenactment in front if the Wright County Court House. This road closure is for safety of the public due to a high volume of people that will be on the streets. Sorry for the inconvenience but stop and enjoy the battle.

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Busy Monday

Monday started the week off very busy.

Call 1 reported stolen truck north of Hartville. Around 1pm the vehicle was located west of Mtn Grove and the subject pulling the stolen vehicle was arrested.

Call 2 information was received through Mtn Grove PD of two stolen trailer just south of Mtn Grove. Officers from Mtn Grove PD and Wright County recovered the two stolen trailers.

Call 3 we recovered a working meth lab which was in some woods south of Mtn Grove.
This makes 6 meth labs recovered this year that we have seized.

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Accepting Applications

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for a Full Time and Part Time Jailer. Applications can be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office or downloaded here.

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March 27, 2013



Multiple law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for a murder suspect wanted for the death of man in Illinois. 41-year old Thomas O’Dell was spotted around 6:45 Wednesday in Wright County. The Wright County Sheriff’s Department says he was driving a stolen vehicle out of Illinois. O’Dell ditched the vehicle at the Casey’s General Store in Mansfield and stole another car. Authorities say O’Dell was last seen driving a 1998 Chevy Cavalier two door with a license plate number SG8N9V. He is considered armed and dangerous and should be approached with caution. WCIA in Champaign Illinois reports that O’Dell is wanted for the March 18 shooting death of Benjamin Newton in Mattoon, Illinois.

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Meth Lab Leads to Arrest

Two Meth Labs in three days for the Wright County Sheriff’s Office. Two arrested for one lab. These pictures are what I recovered today that someone had thrown out in the woods. Small children found this and told their dad. This was a full blown lab. These people that are throwing these out have no concerns about a child getting into it and harming themselves. We will find out who the owner of this is and you will be prosecuted.

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