Two arrested after vehicle theft

    On 06-11-2014 the Wright County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from a land owner that there was an abandoned pickup parked in a field on the Wright and Webster line just off Hwy V. The caller said the truck was a Red Chevy. Sheriff Adler responded to the call and found that the truck belonging to a Hartville resident was stolen in Webster County east of Seymour during the night. The victim was reporting it at the same time to Webster County Sheriff’s Office.
The owner and a Deputy from Webster County arrived and it was confirmed that the Red truck was his. The owner said he would be back to pick his truck up but had to run to the garage where it was left to get the key for it.

    At app 1130 hrs a caller called and said a Red Jeep pulled into the field and it and the Red Truck just left. A call was placed to the owner of the truck to see if he had picked up his truck and he said no that he was still in Seymour.
Sheriff Adler and Deputy Foreman responded to the location. On the way Sheriff Adler received a phone call from the victim stating he just had contact with his truck and the red Jeep on Love Ridge road just inside Webster County. He told Sheriff Adler the male subject in his truck pulled a gun on him and told him that he would kill him and the vehicle went west on Hwy V.

The suspect turned down Hwy AB just north of Seymour and abandoned the stolen truck behind a mobile home just off Hwy AB. The red Jeep picked up the male subject and the jeep continued east bound on Hwy AB. Hwy AB turns into a gravel road and it runs into Jericho road in Wright County.

Deputy Foreman observed the jeep coming at him on Jericho road and he activated the emergency lights on his patrol car and attempted to block the roadway. The driver appeared that he was going to hit Deputy Foreman’s patrol car so he moved over and the driver of the jeep drove in the ditch around the patrol car. Deputy Foreman called on the radio that the jeep nearly hit him and now he was in pursuit. Sheriff Adler observed the jeep coming at a high rate of speed and tried to block the vehicle but moved away as the jeep came at his patrol car not slowing down. The jeep then turned east on Antioch road to Hwy F. Sight was lost of the jeep and it was unknown which direction the driver turned on Hwy F.

At app 1345 hrs the Red Jeep was located in some woods on Ipock road app ¾ mile off of Hwy F. Search dogs from Greene County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol were used along with an aircraft from the patrol.
At 1428 hrs a Webster County Deputy was in foot pursuit with a male subject in the woods just north of Ipock road. The male subject was taken into custody by the Deputy and a Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper. The male subject who was identified as Austin Slizell still had the firearm with him and was in possession of Drugs.

Austin Slizell was charged Monday in Wright County Circuit Court for 2 Counts of Tampering with a Motor Vehicle, 2 Counts of Receiving Stolen Property, 2 Counts of Resisting Arrest for a Felony, 2 Counts of Possession of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia, Distribution/Delivery/ Manufacture a Controlled Substance, Possession of Burglary Tools, 2 Counts of Assault on Law Enforcement Officers, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Bond was set at $25,000 Cash. Slizell is being held in Webster County on charges in that county

The Female Regan Hyde, was charged for 2 Counts of Receiving Stolen Property, 2 Counts of Resisting Arrest and 2 Counts of Tampering with a Motor Vehicle. Her bond was set at $5000 cash. Hyde is being held at the Wright County Jail.
Agencies involved were Wright , Webster and Greene County Sheriff’s Offices, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Hartville, Mansfield and Seymour Police Departments.

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