On 09-28-2013 at 1524 hrs a call was received to the Wri_Tex 911 that a male subject was at Wilbur Allen and had went under the water and did not surface while swimming in the Gasconade River. Wright County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched along with Northern Wright County Fire and Mtn Grove Fire. Mutual aid from the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri State Highway Patrol water patrol division for their boats.
On arrived it was learned that four subject had been camping at the conservation area and had been fishing, hunting and swimming during the day. The victim Jeremy Hinkemeyer age 20 jumped in the river to swim across to the other side of the river.
One of the subjects that was in the group heard Hinkemeyer call out for help. The witness saw Hinkemeyer struggling in the water then disappear under the water. Two of the subject found a log that was floating and used it to hold onto while they swam out to try to find Hinkemeyer. They had no luck and swam back to shore.
    The other camper went up the road to try to get cell service to call for help and ran into some other people at the river. They let the subject use their cell phone to call for help.
    It was decided that both fire departments would not enter the water for safety reasons. It was unknown what was below the surface of the water which may endanger the rescuers.
Agent Keith Wollard from the Missouri Department of Conservation arrived with his boat to start checking the water. The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrived with their boat. Both boats worked together searching the area where Hinkemeyer was last seen. It was reported that the water was at least 15 feet deep.
    Darkness approached and several area men came with their gigging boats equipped with lighting and assisted in the search efforts.
At 2136 hrs the body of Jeremy Hinkemeyer was located in the area he was last seen. Wright County Coroner Ben Hurtt was on seen and pronounced Hinkemeyer deceased and transported the body to the Craig Hurtt Funeral Home in Mtn Grove.
Hinkemeyer lived in Rolla and went to college there. His original home is in New London, Minnesota. Sheriff Adler contacted the Kandiyohi Sheriff’s Office and they send a deputy and Chaplin to make contact with the parents.
At the time of this press release it is unknown what may have been the factor causing Hinkemeyer to drown. No foul play is expected.
I want to thank the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Northern Wright County and Mtn Grove and Hartville Fire Departments, Hartville Police Department and all the men that brought their boats to assist our efforts.

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